About me

Who am I? What do I do? Why am I here?

I’m Till, or otherwise known as BamBam on trail. I wasn’t really into the outdoors as a kid, but after moving to California in my early 20s, I discovered the joy in walking long distances and sweating profusely. The closeness to Yosemite and the rest of the Sierra certainly did not hurt, and to this day, Yosemite is one of my favorite places to be.

Like many people, I started out as a “traditional” backpacker, and have since embraced the ultra-light philosophy by only bringing what I need, and not more. You can find out more about my gear and how I choose it here.

On this website, I hope to share some of my trips, both to remember them myself and to share it with the community. Maybe someone will find the information useful, or god forbid, inspiring.