Lescun to Gavarnie

Dates: 08/28 - 8/31 Start: Lescun (Gité) End: Gavarnie (Hotel) Distance: 62 miles Vert: 27k+ / 25k- I was excited to leave Lescun. While it was a picturesque village in the mountains, I knew I was just at the start of the aforementioned mountains and couldn’t wait to climb higher up. After a disappointing breakfast at the Gité (weak coffee, stale bread, and a single croissant), I made my way to the ski town of Candanchu. [Read More]
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Overall thoughts and advice

There’s already a ton of information for the HRP freely available online, and I’d encourage you to seek out some of the other resources listed below. What follows is my personal opinion and views after finishing the route and should be taken as such. Resources and maps The HRP has been around for a while, and I didn’t have any issue finding websites and blogs covering everything from maps, resupply, and navigation. [Read More]

Hendaye to Lescun

Dates: 08/23 - 8/27 Start: Hendaye End: Lescun (Gite) Distance: 100 miles Vert: 35k+ / 32k- I got up early to catch the bus to the train station and make my way to the French-Spanish border via train. Thanks to the TGV, I quickly arrived in Paris, where I had to change trains and take the metro to another train station first. The stations were crowded with tourists, as expected in the middle of the summer. [Read More]
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